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Your Body Tells That You Have Damaged Your Liver

6. Feeling weakness and fatigue

However, if despite a pair of sleep and meals, you are feeling tired and lethargic, that is when you need to worry about With RBCs, proteins do not get distributed causing a shortage of vitality within the body fatigue.
This one does not cover the variables like exercising or coming back from a day of work. There. You may not have liver disease.

7. Itchy skin

When the itch is becoming persistent and excessive, you need to make it checked although itches can think of as something harmless. A liver can cause the skin when touched to become flaky and sensitive. Creams and lotions may cause the itches to cover the time-being until the liver is back on the right track but it will not stop.

8. Abdominal changes

Any pain that’s not linked to the cycle has to be tracked. You might have a liver if You’re experiencing pain or cramps in the lower stomach.

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