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President of United State Doesn’t Allow To Do This…

Actually, The Presiden of United State Donald Trump cannot really declare war on North Korea. President Donald Trump has the most powerful position in the world.

You have listened to this thought one time in your life

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

 Here is one question to you “if you would be the most powerful guy/gal in this world then what will you do”?

  • Would go with your friends
  • Or, Still be hungover on Mondays

I hope your answer can “nope” OR would stay normal.

That was the same Case which was happening with president Of United State Donald Trump.A lot of things that President cannot do.There are also a lot of things which we believe he can do but aren’t really within his scope of authority. Like declaring war. Or making medical marijuana legal.

So, Now you are going to See the 6 Things that President Trump …..

Let’s See

Use Normal smartphones

The President of United State Trump makes a lot of rules for there country United State and they were going to say that they are approved by the Secret Service first and have a lot of limitations.

President Trump use secure, encrypted device that probably cannot even take photos or play music.



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